Thursday, 2 August 2007

Maurice; his dollar was chopped

(I decided to try something new this time. Not new for baiting in general, but new for me. It's kind of like a double bluff, or something: basically, scammer contacts you, you say 'I are am the happy for which to be gets teh monies" and you begin as normal. As soon as he demands the 'courier fees', 'release charges' or 'demmurage' [sp?] you suddenly announce that that someone else has contacted you with a very similar proposal, and you have begun communicating with them. This second scammer is nothing more than me with an alternate account, but Maurice doesn't know that. He gets really pissed at both you and the second scammer, and tries is hardest to keep you from giving any money to the guy.)

P.M.B 0184 GARKI,

Dear Sir,

I am the Chairman of the Independence National Electroral
Commission(INEC).I am in search of an agent to assist me execute a transfer deal valued Thirty Million U.S DOLLAR(USD$30M)only.The fund was realised from the just concluded General Election conducted in my Country few weeks ago.Just few day ago,The House Of Senate has summoned
me to give account on how a total sum of #17 billion naria was spent in the election before the swearing in of the newly elected President,based on this I'm contacting you to provide a good bank account where the sum as mentioned above can be transferred to because if such amount is traced to me,it will cause me a lot of problems.

I suggest that subsequent investment into properties(Real Estate) in your Country be established upon the confirmation of the fund into your account pending when I will settle ground with the Senate. Upon receipt of your interest to assist me in this transaction,I will call you to deliberate with you on the modalities of transfer of fund(s) to any bank account you are going to provide for the transfer. You will be required to provide as stated below the following:

-1) Assist in the transfer of the said sum above.

-2) Advise on lucrative areas of investment in your Country.

-3)Assist me in purchase of properties and other investment.

If you are willing and capable to handle a transaction of this nature,do not hestitate to contact me immediately.If you have also decided to render your service to me in this regard,30% of the total sum will be offerred to you,while 10% will be set aside to settle every unforseen expenditure incured during the course of transferring the
fund to your designated bank account.

Please feel free to send me an email as soon as you receive my preposition to indicate your interest including your telephone number. Your urgent reply will be highly appreciated.

Looking forward to hear from you at your earliest possible time.

Yours truly,

Prof.Maurice Iwu.

(Nothing new here then)

You stole 17 billion naira from the government?

Fight the system man! I would love to help you with this, it would be awesome.

What do I need to do?


( I'm naive and forward, the way Maurice likes his women o_0)

 Attn: Johan,

I write to acknowledge the receipt of your mail, I am
sorry for the little delay in replying your mail.

About the money it
was intentional act it is an over-invoiced from contracts awarded and
executed under my commission during this last election held, so instead
of asking for 10% from contractors I decided to collect it through over
invoicing the contract to the tone of $30 million united states dollars
not $17 billion please as you wrote. So what I want us to transfer is
Thirty million dollars only.

I want you to understand that it is
not only in my ministry that this kind of deal is going on, it happens
in most ministries here too. So I want you to just comply with my
directives let us seal this deal, because soonest I will be going on
retirement and I hope to be sustaining myself and family with the
investment we are going to do with this money through you.

I need your assistance in the following:

1 Assist in the transfer
of the said sum above. By providing the account where this money is
going to be transferred, this account can be an empty account, but
provided it will accommodate this money and you will have full control
of the account. It can be private or cooperate account.

2 Advise on
lucrative areas of investment in your Country. It can be on Estate or
computers or any business you may wish to invest this money into that
will be lucrative for our benefit. Remember, this transaction will be
managed by you pending when I will retire and come over there, of which
you are going to act as my investment adviser, that is why it imperative
we take each other as brothers and be honest with each other.

Thai is
why it is important you take very good note of any amount you spend in
this transaction ie why I have decided to map out 10% that will cover
every Dim you and I spend in this transaction, it can be on call,
transports etc and this 10% MUST be removed before we share or invest
the balance.

To actualize this, you are required to send immediately
your bank account information, telephone and fax number address. This
information will be used in processing of this payment before the
transfer takes place, as soon as I get the information I will use it to
file in for the release of this fund to your nominated bank

This transaction will only last for 14 working days from the
time I receive this information and it is 100% risk free as all
modalities is set to finalize this deal. Feel very free to ask
questions if there is any or call me for more details on my mobile
telephone number: + 234-702-815-1720.

In my nest mail I will send to
you a copy of my international passport for your perusal and to enhance
more trust i.e. upon your request.

(Long message in a new font, makes him look all official, doesn't it?)


I am afraid that I do not have a telephone at the
moment, as the phone provider cut me off last month fr failing to pay
my bills, and now they will not listen to me.

My bank information is as follows

Johan Mollasses
Account no. 6671223
Rembard Bank Plc
AB24 5GG

Is that correct?


(No such bank, I have no idea what real account details look like, probably not a real post code)

Dear johan, i have recieved your mail together with your account,since
you do not have any telephone number for now, how do we communicate?
you should also send your your residence address and a copy of your
photo pasports or drivers Lc or international passport copy. it is very
important. however i will start the processing with the bank details,but
you try and make the remaining requirements availuable.

Since you do
not have any phone,you can reach me on my own telephone number for more


Prof Iwu

Expecting your immediate
feedback ASAP.

(Strange obsession with phones, and passports, as per usual)


We can just continue emailing, whats wrong with that?
is against the law (Anti-terrorism Act 1999, Counterfeiting Act 2001)
to make and send copies of recognized official ID. No passport then,
I await further information from the bank


(No idea what I am talking about, but it sounded scary enough)


Thank you for your mail, i have gone through the mail, my dear i
dont think it will be possible to take such risk by sending such amount
of money to sombody whom i does not know his or her data even telephone
number. Assuming you happen to be the bad type how will i track you
down. my dear it sound's very funny.

if you are not ready to come up
with those information, just close the chapter.

You can go through my
website and see what i look like and my profile.



(He is not a happy bunny)


Dont be like this. I have told you, I do not have a
telephone, other than a mobile telephone, and you requested a landline
I have given you a photograph, and my address, is that not enough for you?

Attached is another copy of the photo I sent you previously, and I
have provided my address. If you cannot trust me, I will be happy to
deal with the other man who emailed me with a very similar proposition.
I asked him if he knew you, and he said that he was handling the case
from now on, so I am in contact with him presently. His name is Steve
Doubt, and his email is .

My address is
12c Jameson Road
AB24 3RN

(Once again, not a real address, Steve Doubt is just me, but with a different email address. Attached was my standard picture; Calvin Harris in a suit)

Dear Johan ,

Thank you for your mail, i have seen your picture and
your mail it was well undertsood,at leat with your address and picture i
can have rest of mind,you know this transaction is where all my hope is
after retirement,i do not need to joke with it,not that i dont trust
you.if you are in my shoe,i hope you will act the same.

As far as you
have told me your mind and how everything is on your side,i have any
need to doubt you,so bear with me.

About the person you said that is
emailling you, you should stop every further communication with him,He
is one of my junior staffs ,they taught that i have transfered the money
without given them thier shars. In the other way round they want to know
if you are greedy,so stop every further communication with him.I assure
you that everybody will get his share in this transaction. whatever he
send to you hencefort you just forward it to me immediately and you
stop contacting him any longer.

You should make your bank
information available (ie where the money is going to be tranferd into)
so that i can start the filing to enable me secure approvals from
verious ministries before the transfer could take place.

feel very
free to call me for more details if needs be already you have my
number.Please,you should try and make sure that this transaction remain
confidential because of its natute.


Maurice Iwu

(So I should 'stop every further communication with him' eh Maurice?)

You hadn't replied for days, so I have been maintaining contact with
Steve. He says that you are just a fraudster, and that I should stop
replying to your mails.

I really like you Maurice, but I trust Steve more. Sorry


(Maurice, the message below is for Steve, kindly ignore it)

(To Steve,

never been to Ghana before, is it nice? I'm looking for cheap flights
on the internet, and I will email you privately when I have more
information. Above is the letter I sent to Maurice, he is claiming that
you are some kind of junior staff member, and that I should cease contact with you


(Sent to Maurice and Steve, mainly so Maurice could read the email I was sending 'Steve')

My dear Johan,

Thank you for your mail,since you did not take my
instruction,there is no problem,But lets us watch and see who will fall
into the hand of a fraudstar. I am too big for childish transaction i
command respect and have reputation to maintain.The young man maild me
and insulted me becuase of you,well i dont blame you, But let use
watchout who will fall victim.what are going to Ghana to do for them to
wash money for you? you are in fixed.Ilove you but take your time
because you might loose your life there.

so i wish you all the best
of luck.



(Steve mailed him at this point, but his mails are included separately, because I can't sign onto two gmail accounts at the same time)

Come come now Maurice,

If you have indeed received insulting or
negatory communications from Steve, please do show them to me, and I
will confront him about it. Why must you insult me, calling me
childish, and saying I am not up to the transaction? I find that highly
insulting, and I hope that it was some form of typing error on your

I do not know who to trust any more. I read about 419 scams,
as you were claiming Steve was, but neither one of you has demanded
money from me, and you don't seem to be the babbling useless idiots these websites purport you to be.

(I was reeeeealy hoping he would forward the message 'Steve' sent him, but no, he was silent for a good few days. I didn't wasn't it to end yet, but alas)


I know we left off on a rather bad note, but I need your help. Please respond ASAP please.



Please reply


I do not know who to trust, please help me Maurice.

Yours anxiously


(Hoping he would take pity and maybe think he would still get money from Johan)

Dear Johan,

Thank you for your mail,infact to be frank with you I
am now an advanced man approaching to sixty years,so iam no more a kid.I
sent you a proposal and told you the implications on my side,still you
went and forwarded the mail i sent to you to a bloody scammer.if what i
have approchead you for is not real ,how could i have given you all my
important information together with the site.Well my good brother,i
would have like to conclud this transaction with you ,having realised
your mistake but since then we departed from each other i decided to
look for another person who will be ready to comply with my directives
without further stress.

And now i have gotten somebody who is willing
and capable of asisting financialy (the money will not be much it is
just for the processing) i advise you stay clear to aviod been
defrauded by me as you have started having doubt already.But i belive
that GOD is the one that knows the trut.My brother,if i am not for
legitimate deal i couldn't have given you my website and other

I never in-sulted you just check all my mails to
is the young man who insulted me directly ,whom i taught that was one of
my junior staffs,i never new that the young man was communicating you
from Ghana.

Well you should get back to me with your views.


Iwu Maurice

(He still wants my help, and the not preprepared part is easy to spot, what with all the GOD and sut)

(Insert another insulting and nasty message from Steve, talking abut all the money he has made from Johan)

Its not that, Steve and I are still proceeding, I need you, as you are
situated in the same country as him, to assist the good Mr. Doubt with
the release of the trunk boxes. If you agree, I'll provide you with his
full address and contact details so you can get in touch with him. He
does not know of this, so when you meet him, you will have to explain

I'm glad to see you are not bitter towards me, and I must
inform you that Steve is not a scammer, he has asked for no money or
favors from me, and is doing all he can to help me get this money,
well, my 25% of the money. If you help, I might be able to cut you into


(One last crack at him, and he finally gave up the ghost. I like Steve, I may have to use him again some time)
the deal, would that be something you would agree to?