Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Still going, Barr Jonathan

(This bait has NOT YET DIED, despite my *complete*failure* to produce ID or a phone number. Enter Barrister Jonathan Wright, lawyer and scammer, and Johan "Seven7" Mollasses, struggling Electronic Musician)


My name is JONATHAN WRIGHT, Principal Partner in CASTLE Law Chambers, London,UK. I was formally a personal attorney to Mr. Mohammed Saibi who was the chairman of Algosaibi Diving and marine Services in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Mr. Saibi died late last year of heart attack at the ripe age of 79 years.

Mr. Mohammed Saibi a Saudi Arabian Philanthropist, before he died, made a Will in my law firm stating that GBP10m (Ten million british pounds only) should be donated to any charity home of our choice overseas as his last contribution to humanity when it became obvious that he will not stay alive for too long. His only son, Rasheed Saibi and his entire family has no knowledge of this.

However, I am very much aware that he has left enough wealth that will last his generation a lifetime. The true situation at the moment is that the said amount of money was deposited with the Finance firm only to be paid out to a charity home.The charity home/organization would have to be picked by my law office. This implies that you will stand as the beneficiary to this Will so that the funds could be processed and transferred to your account if you are ready and in a position to assist me. You do not need to have a charity organization, all you need do is to declare your interest and show seriousness.

As a professional lawyer, I have mapped out strategies which I will use to obtain all the proper/legal documentations and last approval from Ministry of Finance concerning the funds which I will send the copies across to you for your perusal and record purpose before You contact the finance firm

I am particularly interested in securing this money from the finance firm because they have issued a notice instructing us to produce the beneficiary of this Will as soon as possible, else the account would be made dormant since Mr. Saibi was ill for a long period of time before his demise.If you are interested in assisting me, I will give you 30% of the entire funds after paying taxes due to your government and expenses incurred during the course of this transaction. The balance will be mine although I intend to send some of it to a charity organization.

I urge you to contact me immediately for further details if you are satisfied with my proposition and feel you are in a position to assist me. Bearing in mind the confidential nature of this transaction.

For the trust I have on you, I believe that you have the ability to handle this transaction, I will Prefer you respond through my private email: indicated above.

Yours faithfully,

(Nothing new there)

Barr John-san

This sounds like a proper belting thing that you proposed.
How can I offer my help services?

DJ Seven7

(just to let him know that I am here)

Thank you so much for your email to my proposal.
I wish to let you know that we will have this transaction concluded under a legitimate arrangement to avoid any breach of law as we will secure all the legal documents.
Once you assure me that you are really interested with this proposal we will start the necessary procedures.
Kindly send me the following details for us to start the process of getting this funds transferred to you.
1. Send me your full names
2. Your contact address
3. Private telephone numbers and fax
4. A copy of your identification
5. A brief resume on your business and personal life

Once we secure an affidavit to place you as the beneficiary to the Will we will make application for the funds to be paid out to you in the offshore payment office of the finance firm.
I have in mind to use 30% of my own share of this money on charity and then invest 70% of it on real estate venture.
You have to keep this communication as a top confidential matter for security reasons.
Kindly get back to me for more details on how we will proceed as I want this transaction to be concluded within 14 bank working days.
Barr Jonathan Wright

(Attached were some badly photoshopped things; a call to the bar, a passport, and some other thing about the bar having initiated him)

Jonathan my man

Here are them infos you requestioned
1. Johan Horatio Mollasses
2. 25c Earlston Court, London, LN34 5OK
3. I do not have a telephone due to an unfortunate incident with the telephone company's van, and my shovel
4. Due to the Anti-Terrorism Act passed recently in my country, there is no way that I can give you a copy of my identification over the internet
5. I attended grammar school in Aberdeen, Scotland, got 6 GCSE's, but no higher education. I moved to London to follow my dream of being an Electronic Musician. I have been producing music for nigh on five years now. Attached is one of my personal favorite tracks, entitled "Vegas". I do not have a record contract at the moment, and I frequent the local club "Choomp", and I hope to get a residency there soon. My business life is nothing special; I have had a few part time jobs, shop assistant, shelf stacker and the like. I hope my rather stringent credentials match up to what is required.

As I have said, attached is one of my favorite tracks, Vegas. I made it in 2005, and the vocals are from my good friend, Steve Doubt.


(Steve Doubt is another moniker of mine, I got the name from a spam mail about penis enlargement o_0. Attached was an altered version of a track by Calvin Harris, of whom I am a huge fan)

Hello Johan,
Thank you so much for your detailed mail.
I want you to know that this 10million pounds is a huge amount of money and before we can transact it i need to be on a safe side thats having a security and thats why i need your passport .
Since i was able to send you my own identification and my professional certificates this is to show you that am genuine .
Kindly scan and send me a copy of your identification before we can proceed.
Barr Wright

(I need your passport, not so I can photoshop it in my next scam, but for 'security)

I am unsure if the first message I sent arrived, as my email provider was being strange

I cannot send you the passport, or any ID, as it is against the law in my country. I am sorry if this affects anything, but I would rather not be fined up to £20,000 or have 2 years in jail.

Attached is a photograph of me, looking surprised, at my friend Steve's wedding

(Attached was a photo of the previously mentioned Calvin Harris, straight from the Wikipedia article >_<) Hello,
Am sorry i can not continue with you if you fail to send the identification and your telephone number.

(If only he really was in the UK, not Lagos, then I would have had to come up with another reason)

Do you not know you are breaking the law?
£20,000 or 2 years in jail? You are a brave man if you are going to risk that just to gain the trust of someone you have never met, who is throwing around frankly hard to believe sums of money, with nothing to back up their claim but a rather dodgy looking passport, and an even stranger call to bar.
I sent you a photograph to identify myself, is that not enough?
I thought you were a professional, but frankly, the teller at my local bank has a nicer bedside manner


(I have a feeling this freaked his biscuit, and he didn't respond for a few days, so)

It has become clear to me that you do not wish to do business with me any longer. I must say this is a pity, as I rather liked you, and I did rather want the money, though I do say so myself.

Could you please delete the music I sent you to prevent piracy, as I wouldn't like you copying and selling my music against my will, and my lawyer says it would be a good idea to ask that of you.

It's not all bad though, I recently came into quite a bit of money from club dates, and I have a meeting with a record company in the morning to see if I can get signed. I just thought you should know that I am not stone broke after you left me (metaphorically, lol)


(I hoped to entice him with the prospect of me having lots of money, but alas, he decided not to continue talking to me. What a terrible loss)

(Edit: He replied! Hooray, I am so very pleased, I might just throw up)

Thank you so much for your email,
Who told you that i do not want to do business with
I am busy getting the paper works that will place you
as the beneficiary to the funds and have finally done
that so all i need you to do now is to arrange and fly
down to Germany were you will be required to sign out
the funds and also you are required to open an online
bank account with the finance firm in Holland so that
once you get the funds from them you will lodge it in
the online account and then fly back to london were
you will stay and make transfers to your account in
U.K bit by bit.
I am not happy with the words or rather language you
always use to address me.
Kindly call me on 07024067484 to discuss more.
Barr Wright

(o_0 Sounds complicated...)


I am happy to hear from you, but I am less pleased with the content of said hearing-from.
I have to open an account with a bank in Holland, whats wrong with my normal account?
I have to go to Germany to collect it?
Did you like my music?

I will go to Germany, I may even open a new account, but I want you to understand something; I DO NOT HAVE A PHONE, sorry


PS: Could I possibly see some of this paperwork, maybe my lawyer can help you somewhat...

(What a lie, I don't really have a lawyer, and I do have a phone *snigger*)

Thanks for your email,
If it will be difficult to travel down to this 2 countries at same time then you have to travel to Holland and meet with the finance firm were this funds was lodged then with the help of one of the directors you will be required to set up an online account with them after signing out the 10 million pounds from their vault then you will deposit the money there and fly back to London were you will stay and make the transfers bit by bit to your London bank account.

Dear Johan, i want you to understand that i want to trust you though i have not met you in person but if i can trust myself then i have no choice but to trust you ok.

Kindly make plans to travel down to Holland were you will sign out the funds from the finance firm because after sending you this email i will draft a letter for the release of the funds to you and fax it to the finance firm then i will give you their contact for you to contact them when you are ready to fly down there.
It will my most please that we conclude this transaction as soon as possible because i have plans of investing my own share in the upcoming HONG KONG TRADE FAIR next month.
So kindly let me know when you will be able to fly down to HOLLAND and sign out this funds.
Your music is ok and am sure you can invest your own share of this money on this music .
Barr Jonathan

(So now I only have to go to Holland, I think it's closer than Germany, and I know more about it)


I have always wanted to see Holland, what with the red light districts and hash cakes. I am searching the internet for cheap flights to Amsterdam as we speak. Could you possibly furnish me with some more information, as HOLLAND isn't really enough. I am finding a flight to Schiphol, will you meet me at the arrival gate? How will I know if it is you? Could you send me a photo of yourself, or hold up a sign at the airport in my native language of Danish? That would be a huge help in recognizing you, I mean how many people would be standing in a major international airport, holding up a sign in Danish?

Did you even listen to the track I sent you, quote me some lyrics, prove it


(It is my profound hope I can get a photo of him holding an obscene sign. A man can dream)

Hello John,
Thanks for your email.
Once you secure the flight tickets scan and attach a copy of it to me and also you have route your flight to Amsterdam Holland.
Once you get the ticket i will send you the contact of the payment officer in Holland for you to contact him and he will make a hotel reservation for you.
He is the person that will help you to open the online account.
Kindly furnish me with more details.

(Oddly enough, he isn't the first Lad to mistype Johan's name)

I asked first! XD Only kidding John-boy. And my name is JohAn, as in the Nordic equivalent to John, please try to get it right. I'm not sure if it is legal to copy and scan plane tickets for risk of counterfeiting and such, so I am afraid I may not scan them.

My present plan is to fly out sometime next week, because I have a DJing set on Saturday, and I will need Sunday to recover, and then I am working Monday, so maybe Tuesday.

I will furnish you with flight details and such when I arrange them.

Could you send me a photograph of the man meeting me at the airport, or could you arrange for him to be holding a sign with my name, or just '77' on it. I think that this is quite a reasonable request.

(I'm still going to try for; A) Obscenities on the sign, English or otherwise, B) A large drawing of a penis on the sign)

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